Complete robot systems for every application

Are you looking for a way to keep your assembly or production line profitable? Then a Collaborative Robot (Cobot) is the solution. As the Cobot can work alongside your employees the possibilities open for the robotization of your assembly or production line are enormous. The Cobot does not require any protective measures such as safety guarding to keep workers safe. Thanks to the flexible manner of programming and the wide range of grippers and other accessories, a Cobot can be easily deployed for any of your customer-specific processes. The competitive purchase price of the robots is of course another advantage!

As System Integrator, located in the middle of The Netherlands, we make customized solutions for the deployment of robot arms of robotic automation companies, such as Universal Robots.

Automation using a Cobot

Automation using a Cobot can offer you considerable benefits. As Cobots are not as expensive as large industrial robots, the payback period is short. Depending on your production process this can be as quick as 195 days. We will be happy to calculate what this would be in your case. Just complete our ROI calculator.
The numerous advantages provided by automation include lower costs, higher production and constant quality. Read more about the advantages of automation with Cobots here.
Each day, more applications are being developed in which a robot arm can work alongside its human colleagues and help them in their tasks. Examples of these applications can be found on the main menu of this website. If you are not sure whether you can deploy a Cobot for automating your production process, please feel free to contact us. If we have already implemented such an application elsewhere, you can see it at our Training Centre in Tiel. If your desired application is new to us, that is no problem. We will simply make a test set-up with your specifications before you commit to any purchase.

Curious whether your production process or parts of it are suitable for automation with a Cobot? Please feel free to make an appointment for our free production scan.