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Are you curious about what makes your cobot setup safe?

The demand for cobots and business robotics has increased enormously in recent years. That demand only continues to grow. But why? One of the main reasons is the safety of your employees. Olmia Robotics’ cobots have special safety sensors that detect employees in the area. If a cobot is touched, it goes into safety mode. A robot from a traditional robot company would continue to work, creating a risk for employees.

Are the cobots from Olmia Robotics energy efficient?

More and more companies are committed to an energy-saving future. As robot experts, we also find this important, because energy consumption causes greenhouse gas emissions and therefore contributes to environmental pollution. Our robotics therefore offer various advantages in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.

What is the difference between robots and cobots?

Our cobots and traditional industrial robots are both automation tools used in production and factory environments. However, they differ in several ways, such as the collaboration between robots and humans, the safety of employees and the investment you make in the robotics.

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