Olmia Robotics – Cobot system integrator

Are you looking for a way to keep your production or assembly line profitable? Using a collaborative robot (cobot) is the solution. As the cobot can work alongside your employees, the possibilities for robotisation of your assembly or production line are enormous. The cobot does not require any protective measures, such as safety guards to keep employees safe. Thanks to the flexible programming method and the wide range of grippers and other accessories, a cobot can be easily deployed for any of your customer-specific processes. The competitive purchase price of the cobots is of course another advantage!


As a system integrator, we develop new applications for our customers on a daily basis. Because the cobot is so versatile, the possibilities are not yet fully explored. Get inspiration for a cobot application on your production floor and see which applications we can implement for you. We also have an overview of commonly used cobot applications per industry. Is your industry not listed or do you have an idea for an application that is not listed? Let us know. We are happy to sink our teeth into new challenges.

Services Olmia Robotics


We take care of everything you need for your cobot system. What are your needs: will a standard cobot system suffice or do you need customization? What kind of service agreement would you like? To what extent should your employees be able to program the cobot? As a technically strong partner, we think along with you, look at your situation and offer the services that suit you.


As a system integrator of cobot sets, we offer you various options to get started with cobots. Because you will want to tackle an automation project thoroughly. That is why we always start with a production scan: together with you we look at how things are done on your production floor in order to investigate the possibilities for cobots. If necessary, a feasibility study and / or Proof of Concept will follow. Only then a cobot system will be developed, tested and implemented.


Do you want to know which (sub)tasks are suitable for automation with a cobot? Then schedule your appointment for a production scan now. You will receive an estimate and quotation based on the scan.


How quickly will you earn back a cobot system? We can calculate this for you. Enter a number of details and we will give you the number of months before you start earning on your investment.

Robots as a Service

We call leasing a cobot system like your company car RaaS: Robots as a Service. We offer this programme in partnership with Hahn Robshare. No investment in advance, but a clear, monthly lease payment.