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AMR user Training

What is the MIR, what do you use it for, what is the ideal situation for a MIR?
Hardware components
What components does the MIR consist of: including Safety, Data, Power, Engine
Missions: operating modes, path planning
Creation of routes, automatic charging, sound playback.
Connectivity: wifi / remote access
Connecting the MiR to wifi to program the mobile cobot remotely.
System settings
What settings does the MiR know and what do they mean.
Editing maps
Creating a map, adding waypoints, changing positions etc.
Docking stations
How does the MiR charge and get there.
Robot calibration
Calibrating the safety scanners and encoders.

Duration: 8 hours
Previous knowledge: none
Price: € 695

Date: on request

Introduction External interfaces: REST / PLC
Communicating with external PLC to control for example an elevator.
Docking systems: markers
Docking to markers and charging stations.
Map transitions
Transitioning from one map to another map to drive between different maps.
Using WISE modules.
Controlling external io’s through the MIR in order to load and unload products autonomously.
Mounting & installing MiRHook
How to attach a MIR hook to a MIR100 or MIR200 and how to program it.
SICK safety programming
The operation of safety scanners for environmental recognition.
Using MiRFleet
What is the MIRFleet and how to program it.

Duration: 8 hours
Foreknowledge: MiR Basic Training
Price: €695

Date: on request