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Practical cobot training

If you have cobotized or are going to cobotize tasks within your production or assembly line, you can follow practical training with us as an operator or robot programmer. We offer several types of training, from basic training for beginners to expert training for employees who want to know everything about their cobot. The purpose of our training programmes is to use cobots reliably and safely from the start and to prevent support problems.

During this training you will become acquainted with the cobot: the hardware, basic software and basic security around the cobot. This training is intended for employees who work with and in close proximity to the cobot: the cobot operators.

The application in which the cobot is deployed determines whether it is collaborative / safe or not. In any case, you are expected to perform a risk analysis in connection with the RI&E (occupational health and safety legislation) if a cobot cell is installed on your production floor.

During the advanced cobot training you will go deeper into programming cobots. Currently this training is only available for programming cobots from Universal Robots (UR). This training is intended for people who have already worked with UR cobot.

In this training you learn to work with MiR’s AMRs. This training is more than an introduction: from the hardware, and setting up the robot to editing maps and setting up the MiRFleet. This training is divided into a basic and advanced training to get you the right support in your learning curve.

After following this training you are a programming hero! You know all the ins and outs of programming Cobots of Universal Robots. This training is modular and takes several afternoons. You are welcome to follow one or several parts of this training.

We gladly visit you at your location for an In-Company Training. That will generally be a customized training, focused on the application you have employed on your production floor. To what level should your employees be trained in cobots?