Olmia Robotics Training Centre

Olmia Robotics Training Centre

When you see a cobot in operation, it all comes to life! And this is possible at our training centre in Tiel. We will be happy to show you what a robot arm can do, what its possibilities are and how easy it is to program. To visit the training centre, please make an appointment with us.

At this very moment we have a practical set-up there, including: 

  • a cobot UR3 with een screw application
  • a UR5 with exchangeable application
  • a UR10 with a plastic welding application

Cobot training

If you wish to automate your production or assembly line with a cobot, we can provide pratical training. This training is suitable for both beginners and employees who want to refresh and deepen their basic knowledge. The purpose of the training is to reliably and safely use the UR3 / UR5 / UR10 from the beginning and to avoid support problems. Participants will learn the following:

  • to work with (the hardware of) the cobot
  • the basics of programming the robot arm yourself
  • an overview of the different types of grippers and other tools that can be used with a cobot

Participants will receive a certificate after the training.

Duration 4 hours
Number of trainees

max. 6

Price pp € 195


This price includes a sandwich lunch before or after the training.

After the basic training you are ready for:

Advanced cobot programming

Want to become a cobot expert?

Yes, you can! Twice a year you can take the next level after Advanced in a weekly course. This is held on 4 Tuesday afternoons. The next series is this spring.

Dates / time: 00.30 - 5.00 h PM  Dates / time: 00.30 - 5.00 h PM
5 March 10 September
19 March 24 September
2 April 22 October
16 April 29 October

During this course you will learn everything you need to know to get started with cobots:

  • Hardware: installing the robot arm; mounting accessories such as grippers and sensors, connecting I/O's;
  • Software: general programming of the robot arm, getting to know the teach pendant, installing software (eg URCaps);
  • Applications: including Pick & Place, teaching path recording, combining the robot arm with vision systems;

Costs: € 825, - pp. This includes lunch.


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