easy robotics


Easy Robotics

EasyRobotics is a company from Denmark with people who have more than 40 years of experience in the design, development and production of advanced machines for industrial applications.


In 2012 they came up with the idea for ProFeeder, a mobile and compact automated robot cell, on which a robot can be mounted. This allows parts to be brought in and out for fully automatic CNC lathes and milling machines. The robot cell has a parts container in a feeder, which contains the parts that need to be processed. When the processing is complete,  the feeder is removed from the robot cell and replaced with a new feeder, with a parts container full of unprocessed parts. The ProFeeder comes with two mobile feeders, allowing the change to take place quickly and efficiently.


After developing the ProFeeder they made the ER5, a mobile workstation, specifically made for the UR5. This cart has wheels and legs, so the robot arm can be easily transported, but can also stand stably. The robot is mounted on the cart and the control box is inside it. On the neck is a holder for the teach pendant.

Olmia Robotics is the exclusive dealer of the ProFeeder and ER5. For more information, contact us or call