Olmia Robotics wins a prize

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Olmia Robotics gets a prize
Prize hand-over by Ákos Dömötör, CEO
of OptoForce to Peter van Olm, CEO
of Olmia Robotics BV

During the joint conference of On Robot and OptoForce in the robotic capital of Denmark, Odense, Olmia Robotics has won an award as the best seller of the OptoForce sensors in Northern Europe.

The conference was held on 14 and 15 February at the Universal Robots factory and was intended for all system integrators of the On Robot grippers and the OptoForce sensors. Both manufacturers of products for (collaborative) robotic arms. In addition, they could practice with a 2D vision system from Sensopart. During the conference, the system integrators were further trained in the use of the products in order to increase their specialist knowledge. They were also informed about the future vision and roadmaps of the two robotics organizations.