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Cobots in the metal sector


Robots have been used in the metal sector for years. It started with welding robots, then came the handling robots loading machines. Since a few years, cobots are used in the metal industry as well.

Markets are accelerating, increasing the demand for flexible production. If producers want to meet this demand, they must be able to deliver high mix, low volume in a fast time to market. Production overseas is usually not an option due to slower delivery times and because the need for consistency and quality control remains important.

Cobots are used in the metal sector to automate all kinds of repetitive actions. Cobots can perform welding tasks, automatically load CNC machines, but also perform grinding, deburring or polishing tasks on end products.

Benefits of using cobots in the metal sector

A benefit of cobots is that, unlike traditional industrial robots, they do not work riveted to the floor and fenced off from people. Changeover to another product or even another task is quick and relatively easy to do. The software can be operated intuitively via a tablet or even a telephone. No knowledge of code is required.

And no fencing not only means a smaller investment, but also a smaller footprint of the cobot cell on your production floor.

There is also a shortage of (technical) staff in the metal sector. So why not use a cobot so you are able to use your staff for work with more added value? Loading a machine is boring, not very glamorous and potentially dangerous. A cobot, in combination with a buffer system such as our Robobooster4000, can load a machine 24/7, without falling ill, breaks or vacations.

Whatever your reason for cobotizing, be it a shortage of staff, a wish to increase your production or to deliver consistent quality to your customers, you will find practical examples here. If you think that one or more tasks can be cobotized on your production floor, please contact us. We are happy to look into this with you and come up with a plan.


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