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Cobot in the Assembling Industry

Assembly workers already use tools such as hand-held assembly tools, as well as measuring instruments and scanning equipment. The cobot is now added to that.
A cobot is very suitable for carrying out assembly tasks. By assembly tasks we mean all tasks related to assembling products or parts thereof. This is of course very diverse. If you look at application level, we are talking about screw driving, gluing, but especially about all kinds of Pick & Place tasks. And cobots are specifically suited to do this.

Cobots working in tandem with people

Because the cobot is developed to work with people, this type of support from the cobot increases the productivity of your workers. Besides increasing productivity, another advantage is that often boring, repetitive tasks – and therefore also tasks that can cause RSI complaints – can be performed by the cobot. With the cobot, the employee gets an Employee Supporting System (ESS) that supports him in performing his tasks.

Just like with other manufacturers in the industry, in your production process a lot of attention will be paid to the quality of your products. How do you keep control over quality? Through consistency, accuracy and traceability. Well, the cobot excels at this! Cobots always perform the same routine and have a repeatability of at least 0.1mm. This is more accurate than the human hand (which has a repeatability of 3mm).

For a collaborative robot arm that performs assembly tasks, a table-top cobot is usually sufficient. These already have a load capacity of 3 to 5 kg. These are compact cobots with a fast payback time. If you want to know how fast, fill in our ROI form and we will make an estimate for you.

Implementing cobots

Circumstances that we need to consider before you can get started with a cobot are the parts that the cobot will handle: which gripper and/or custom fingertips are needed to handle your products in a stable manner. It is also important to take a look at your production process, so we know how the products in the assembly process are supplied and removed. If the products are presented in a structured manner (the cobot can be told where to pick up the product), then it is easier. If this is not the case, we will work with a vision system. As an integrator of cobots, we have experience implementing cobot sets in all kinds of production environments. Request a production scan and we will look into the possibilities with you.