Robot VS Cobot

Cobots and industrial robots are both automation tools used in manufacturing and factory environments. However, they differ in several ways. in this blog you can read more about the main differences.

Working with humans

Cobots are designed to collaborate with humans and therefore can be an excellent choice for environments where human input is required. This makes cobots well suited for various applications such as, palletizing, pick and place, box set-up and product packaging.


Cobots have sensors and security measures that help them stop when they make contact with a person. This makes them safer for the people around them. This also eliminates the need for fencing, making the foodprint a lot smaller. Ideal if you work in smaller places! Industrial robots often have no such security measures and are therefore more dangerous.


The investment of a cobot is often lower unlike that of an industrial robot. This is because with a cobot you don’t have to purchase expensive fencing. Also, programming is a lot simpler so it takes less time.