Hanwha Robotics

Hanwha Precision Machinery is a Korean technology company which has been making Chip Mounters, Screen Printers, accessories and Semiconductor equipment since 1989. Now they also make cobots. The best known is the HCR-5, but they also make a HCR-3 and HCR-12.
The reason for this extra product line is that they see that Industry 4.0, smart factory and other recent trends in factory automation pose various challenges.

There is an increasing need for a simpler, more flexible and safer production environment with:

  • quality improvement through process automation,
  • reduction of operational costs by simple maneuverable equipment,
  • flexible switching between processes and production with small series,
  • improving the working environment for employees exposed to pollution and hazardous machines.

Based on their years of technical know-how, Hanwha Precision Machinery has rolled out a collaborative robot to easily help all customers in every industry. In response to customers' interest in and efforts to improve their production environment, they continue to strive for a more comfortable and secure future by delivering excellent products and first-class services.
We deliver and implement Hanwha's cobots in our projects.

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