Cobot huren of leasen


Renting or leasing a CoBot

Renting a CoBot can be a good solution if you have peaks in production and are not able to find, or wish to deploy, workers quickly. 

You can rent a CoBot for a minimum of 1 month, which can be extended on a monthly basis. If you decide to do this, we can install the CoBot along with the accessories necessary for your particular application. You can also rent these accessories, which can consist of grippers, sensors or the CoBot support. 

In addition, we give you a basic training session, so that you are able to carry out the basic procedures. We schedule in one half-day for this. In addition to the rental price, we charge a fixed fee for this (optional) training and for the assembly of the robot configuration, its testing and transport to your workplace.

CoBot hire purchase

We also offer the possibility of hire purchase. Here you are able to buy the CoBot after renting it for a minimum of 3 months. This allows you to try it out before going on to make any possible investment.

If you would like to find out more or want a quotation, please contact us or phone us on 0344 – 60 66 43.