Palletbooster at Marne Mosterd

There is a Groningen product that can be found everywhere. And by everywhere, we mean all over the world.

It is the famous mustard from De Marne. It is so familiar to us that we don’t even notice it anymore. After all, in almost every supermarket there are jars, tubes and squeeze bottles of De Marne mustard on the shelves.

De Marne was so pleased with our Pallet Booster that we were allowed to implement a second setup at their production line. This booster takes the packages of bottles of mustard off the belt and then stacks them on the pallet.

The main purpose of the automation was to be able to palletize constantly and make the work more ergonomic. This way, staff can be deployed in other areas.

This Pallet Booster is equipped with a Universal Robots UR10 combined with a self-designed vacuum gripper. This allows this Pallet Booster to palletize as many as four different types of boxes and products.