Screw driving with a CoBot

Screw driving in a production or assembly line requires precision, consistency and an arm that does not get tired. This is all possible with the CoBot.

It requires superhuman abilities to repeat the same movement over and over again for many hours with exactly the same precision and speed. That’s why the repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm of the robot arm is perfect for automating quick-precision screw driving.

Increase the quality and consistency of your products by reducing the risk of over- or under-tightening and always having the correct tension, no matter the project. A robot will consistently and repeatedly follow exact processes and pre-defined workflows, keeping deviations to a minimum.

For screw-specific applications, the end joint on the UR3 offers infinite rotation. Combined with the unique force control allows it to be placed directly into a screwing application without the need for a costly torque-controlled screw driving tool.

The CoBot can be used to run most screw driving applications automatically. The space-saving robot can also be reprogrammed quickly and used with different machines, making it the perfect choice for small-volume productions or changing workflows and operational set-ups.

Relieve workers from ergonomically unfavourable, repetitive work and reduce the risk of injuries. With Cobots you can free up your work force in order to do more important tasks.

Taking a robot out of its safety cage allows unmatched automation flexibility. If the robots come into contact with a person, our patented technology limits the forces at contact. The robot can also be programmed to operate in reduced mode when a person enters the robot’s work area and resume full speed when the person leaves.

Easy programming and a short average set-up time make the CoBot ideal, especially for small-volume productions.
All robot arms are certified IP-54. They will need protection when working in corrosive liquid environments.

If you would like to know what is necessary for a CoBot to carry out screw driving tasks for you, please request a free production scan.