Quality inspection by a CoBot

A quick and easy quality inspection by a robot ensures that you have the flexibility to automate almost any manual task. This is particularly handy when dealing with small batches or fast changeovers to the next task. The robot can reuse programs for recurrent tasks.

The application of quality inspection is a suitable job for the CoBot. If you add a camera to the CoBot, it is possible to check products on their quality and to immediately remove any non-compliant products from the production line. Using the camera you can identify defective or faulty parts and remove them, before they are packed and dispatched.

Accuracy and consistency are the CoBot’s characteristics that are most important for quality inspection. A robot follows exact processes consistently and repeatedly with minimal deviations; much more accurately than a human.

Examples of quality inspection by the CoBot

  • Inspecting welds
  • Checking the right shape/measurements of vegetables and fruit
  • Repeatedly opening and closing drawers with a certain force

Advantages of quality inspection by the CoBot

  • Avoid injuries among human operators due to repetitive work during quality inspection
  • Lower your operation costs
  • Consistent quality

If you would like to know how a CoBot can be used in your quality inspection, please request a free production scan.