Polishing with a cobot

Using the appropriate force when polishing and deburring is very important. The cobot always works with the same force and precision which makes the end result of a consistent quality.

The cobot can polish and deburr flat as well as curved and uneven surfaces. The force regulation of the robot arm can be programmed with the right force for the products you are manufacturing. It provides a flexible solution as it automatically adjusts its position in order to achieve the desired force.

If necessary, the configuration of the robot arm can be expanded with a camera, sensor or other tool for, for example, deburring with CO2.

Advantages of polishing and deburring with a cobot

  • Applies a specific torsion according to predefined axes
  • Guarantees a consistent and predictable quality
  • Relieves workers from ergonomically unfavourable, repetitive work
  • Sands and polishes both curved and uneven surfaces thanks to the adjustable force mode

Examples of polishing and deburring

  • Polishing wooden panels for speakers
  • Deburring plastic blocks with holes
  • Deburring metal sheets

If you would like to know how to deploy a cobot on your production floor, please request a free production scan.