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Pick & Place

The cobot set for Pick & Place tasks consists of:

Optioneel uitgevoerd met:

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Pick & Place cobot

Almost all applications for cobots are variations of Pick & Place tasks. Examples include:

  • placing products from or onto a conveyor belt,
  • filling boxes or crates,
  • indicating products in an assembly line and
  • in combination with a smart gripper and/or vision system, sorting products.


Special applications of Pick & Place are palletizing, (random) bin picking and machine loading and unloading.

The challenge is mainly in figuring out the most appropriate gripper to perform the pick. There are very many varieties of these, each with its own characteristics and applications. Many grippers are suitable for picking up different types of objects. Still, it is often necessary to make at least custom fingertips to be able to pick up your specific product stably.

Furthermore, we need to consider how the products, which the cobot handles, will be fed and discharged. Is that via a conveyor belt, a buffer system or something else? How the product is presented to the cobot is important for performing a correct pick. And for your production process, how the product is put away again may be important.

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