Palletizing with a cobot

If you pack and send products, you always want them to be counted correctly and packed according to the strictest of norms. A cobot can do this for you.

During busy seasons your cobot can operate 24/7, delivering non-stop productivity to your business. They can be deployed and re-programmed as needed across tasks and applications as often as required.

Streamline your packaging and palletizing operation to be simpler, faster and more efficient. Relieve workers from repetitive work and heavy lifting by automating your packaging and palletizing with lightweight collaborative robot arms. It also lets you combat the rising costs of new product packaging and shortened product life cycles.

The intuitive, easy to program interface of the cobot makes the robot arm perfect for small-volume productions as well as highly repetitive tasks. It allows you to reprogram and redeploy it as needed across your operations. If your work flow changes, the cobot can be deployed quickly and easily in new constellations due to its small size and lightweight design. The quick-change system allows you to speedily change the gripper or tool on the robot arm.

The cobot can be used in most packaging and palletizing applications. The space-saving robot can be used with different machines.

The average payback period of 195 days is the fastest in the robot industry.
All robots are certified IP-54. They will need protection when working in corrosive liquid environment.

Your advantages summarized

  • Flexible deployment
  • Consistent quality
  • Protect workers from injury due to physically strenuous work
  • Lower your operation costs
  • Short payback period

If you want to find out where a cobot can be deployed in your packaging or palletizing line, please request a free production scan.