Applications in the Metal Industry

Collaborative robots can be used in the entire manufacturing industry, but they are not so well known yet. They are, however, more common in the metal industry. Below are some examples of applications in the metal industry where CoBots are now in operation.

CNC loading

Reduce the idle time of your employees by having the CNC machine do the loading using a robot arm


Automate this repetitive work using a CoBot


Increase your production by automating the deburring using a robot arm


Suitable for polishing or sanding small series, due to the ease of programming.


Get a consistent quality of weld joints by welding with the CoBot


The CoBot feeds the punching machine and works alongside your employees without the need of any safety guarding

Hanging parts on a rack for powder coating

The automated hanging of parts on a rack by a CoBot increases the production and relieves your workers from repetitive tasks

Your application?

Whether it is (laser) cutting, rolling, drilling, tapping or spraying, the CoBot can do it. If you want to learn more, contact us or phone 0344 - 60 66 43.
If you want to know where a CoBot can be deployed on your production floor, ask for a free production scan.