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Intern transport

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AMR for internal transport

An Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is a flat trolley that finds its own way on production floors, in warehouses or laboratories and hospitals. Because it is equipped with sensors and cameras, it does not collide with unforeseen objects and people. The software is able to compile a ‘map’ of the space in which the AMR operates. The carts can be operated via tablet or smartphone.

The MiR trolleys can be fitted with customized top modules, such as bins, racks, lifts or conveyor belts. Standard delivery points are also available, where the cart can deliver or collect products independently. These are the gates of Nord Modules or MiR.

Options for internal AMR transport

The trolleys themselves can get products placed on top of them, but there are more options:

  • a  AMR can be fitted with a hook with which it can pull a cart or roll container behind it.
  • It is also possible to place a cobot on a AMR, which makes a cobot application mobile.