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Cobot (quality) inspection

Making quality inspection quick and easy with the help of a collaborative robot arm ensures that you have the flexibility to automate almost any manual task. This is especially useful when dealing with small batches or having to switch quickly from task to task. The cobot can reuse programs for repetitive tasks.

Quality inspection is a suitable task for the cobot. If you use a vision system together with a cobot, it is possible to check products for quality and immediately remove defective products from the production line. With the camera you can identify and remove defective parts before they are packaged or shipped.

Precision and consistency are the qualifications of a cobot that are most important for quality inspection. A robot arm consistently and repeatedly follows precise processes with minimal deviations; much more precise than a human.

Examples of quality inspection by the cobot

  • Inspecting aircraft engines
  • Inspecting car doors
  • Inspecting central heating boilers
  • Inspecting parts of X-ray equipment
  • Inspecting welds
  • Checking the correct shape / dimensions of fruit and vegetables
  • Repeatedly opening and closing drawers with a specific force set

Benefits of quality inspection by the cobot

  • Prevent your employees from getting injured (or bored) due to repetitive work during quality inspection
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Consistent quality