Gluing and sealing with a CoBot

Gluing and sealing tasks are carried out in many industries. Perhaps also in yours? A CoBot can seal sinks and windows as well as glue machine and car parts. The robot arm does this with great speed, precision and consistency in quality.

It requires superhuman abilities to dose exactly the same quantity of glue constantly. However, the UR3 can maintain consistent pressure at all times. The CoBot also uses the sealant and glue more economically than a human, as it is possible to accurately set the amount needed and it will never use more than that. This reduces waste.

The CoBot is flexible and safe in every way

The CoBot is small and lightweight, making it easy to move. The software is intuitive; you don’t have to write any code to program it. It is therefore easy to deploy in a new task, for example gluing a product.

This gives you the flexibility to automate almost any manual task. Handy if you are dealing with small production volumes or quick conversions. The software allows you to easily record the actions of the CoBot, so that you can later reuse them when carrying out similar tasks.

You can improve the safety of the workplace and that of your employees by having the robot take over hazardous tasks. If the gluing robot comes into contact with a person, the patented technology ensures that any forces exerted by the robot are reduced upon contact. The CoBot can also be programmed to operate at reduced speeds when a person enters the working area of the robot. After the person has left, the CoBot continues at its full speed.

The CoBot is certified IP-54. It will need protection when working in corrosive liquid environments.

Do you want consistent quality, reduced production costs and optimised production, and would like to know more about how you can deploy the CoBot for gluing and sealing work? Then contact us for a free production scan.