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Depending on which method you choose, the cobot set for Deburring consists of:

Optionally equipped with:



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Cobot deburring & polishing

Using the right force in deburring is of great importance to achieve a perfect end product. The cobot always works with the same force and precision. As a result, the end result is of consistent quality.

The cobot can grind flat and even curved and uneven surfaces. The force control of the robot arm can be programmed with the right force for the products you produce. It offers a flexible solution, because it will automatically adjust its position to achieve the desired force. To perfect this, a force / torque sensor can be added. It can deliver the same amount of pressure (N) with greater precision.

If necessary, the configuration of the robot arm can be expanded with a camera, sensor or other tool for, for example, deburring with CO2.

2 deburring methods

There are two ways in which a cobot can be used for deburring applications:

  • the cobot has been fitted with a deburring tool as end effector and follows the contours of the object to be deburred.
  • the cobot holds the object to be deburred and moves it along a stationary deburring station.

Advantages of polishing and deburring with a cobot

  • Applies a specific torque according to predetermined axes
  • Guarantees consistency and predictable quality
  • Relieves employees of ergonomically uncomfortable and burdensome tasks.
  • Follows curved and uneven surfaces thanks to the adjustable power mode.

Examples of polishing and deburring

  • Deburring metal pans (method 1)
  • Deburring metal flanges
  • Deburring plastic blocks with holes (method 1)
  • Deburring metal plates (method 2)

Sanding with a cobot

With the release of the OnRobot Sander, sanding, polishing or waxing wood, metal or plastics has become incredibly easy. This complete sanding kit can even be expanded with a sanding Grit changer. In combination with an F/T sensor, it follows irregular surfaces. Ideal for woodworking companies or garages: never numb arms again!