Bin picking with a CoBot

Automate bin picking with a CoBot. Bin picking is one of the most sought after applications for CoBots. And it is also a difficult one to implement. CoBots can be programmed very easily to pick up something at a specific location. It becomes more difficult when objects that the CoBot needs to grab lie loosely in a bin. Yet there are also solutions for this: cameras and sensors.

Bin picking with cameras and sensors

By combining the robot arm with 2½D (2D camera in combination with a laser scanner) or 3D sensors, it is possible to give the CoBot depth in vision and allow objects to be recognized.

The CoBot can, like an employee, take separate products from a container and add them to an assembly or production process. The robot arm can handle products independently, without employees having to perform the often physically demanding movements.

The Cobot is ideally suited to working with and next to people, is light and small and therefore easy to move. Also, because these robotic arms can quickly and easily be taught their task without the help of a programmer, they can be used flexibly. Simply slide the CoBot next a conveyor belt and let it pick and place products from a container.

Want to know how a CoBot can be used for bin picking in your production process? Ask for a free production scan.