Assembly using a Cobot

A cobot can be used on your assembly line. The cobot is small, lightweight and flexible as it is easy to program for a new task. Accessories are available that can be fitted on the robot arm, allowing the cobot to be adapted to any assembly need. The cobot can be given several tasks in succession and is able to reuse programs as it saves them. Mundane, repetitive and strenuous work can now be carried out by a cobot.

Examples of assembly work by a cobot

  • Screwing in screws in plastic parts using a screwdriver
  • Mounting self-adhesive strips
  • Assembly of prefab products
  • Welding the various parts of metal boxes

Result of assembly using a cobot

The cobot can:

  • reduce the assembly time
  • increase the production speed and consistency
  • decrease operating costs
  • reduce the impact on the environment
  • improve the quality
  • guarantee a consistent quality

With the right grippers the cobot can take on the assembly of plastic, wooden or metal parts or parts of a different material. With for example an added screwdriver, the cobot can screw in screws; with added welding equipment, the cobot can do welding work. This makes assembly quick and easy; the possibilities are endless.

If you would like to know where in your assembly line a cobot can be used, you can request a free production scan.