CoBot supports

OR supports

cobotondersteuning -Olmia Robotics voetThe CoBot can be mounted on a standardized stand, mobile support or separate CoBot base. 

More information on the OR support and requesting a quotation


profeeder met wisselcontainerThe robot arms can be mounted on the ProFeeder. A robot cell that provides the arms with a steady supply of materials.

More information and requesting a quotation

ER5 / ER10

ER5The ER's are mobile platforms for the CoBot.

More information and requesting a quotation for the ER5 or ER10

Customized cabinets

maatwerk kast tbv schroeftoepassing

A lot of other types of supports for the supply and discharge of products or other tables or cabinets that are necessary for implementing the CoBot is custom-made.

For more information about this, please contact us or phone 0344 - 60 66 43.
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