YouRing - makes your robot arm extra collaborative

YouRing increases the degree of interaction between man and machine.
The YouRing is a new, revolutionary development that makes CoBots even safer to work with. It is a device that you mount between the robot arm and its end effector. Light and / or sound effects indicate when the robot arm is in operation. The YouRing uses LED lighting and a powerful sound transmitter.

Fully programmable sensor

The light and sound is fully adjustable via the URCaps plug-in, making the YouRing also Universal+ certified. Through the plug-in you define the type of light and/or sound that you need during the execution of the CoBot program. Light effects can be rotating, blinking or color-changing (in rainbow colors). The tone and pitch of the buzzer is also programmable. This makes it possible to program a pre-set effect depending on the robot status (safety stop, warning, etc.).
YouRing is a wireless device and therefore easy to mount on the cobot. The device is equipped with two buttons:

  • A button to activate the "freedrive mode", so that you do not have to hold the button on the teach pendant and thus have one hand free for moving the robot arm.
  • A button with a script function to perform specific functions, for example to activate a digital output or to give the robot a manual input so that it continues a paused task.

If you want more information about the YouRing sensor, please contact us or call 0344 - 60 66 43.


What you see here is a light alarm that goes off as soon as the robot arm is stopped. Other options include e.g. a red light and beeping sound when the robot arm moves to the left and another color / tone sound when the robot arm moves to the right.