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Pneumatic grippers - GripKit

For our customized solutions for automation with CoBots, we often use GripKit grippers from Weiss. 

GRIPKIT and UR: a strong team

Use the best fully integrated grip solution for universal robots. GRIPKIT comprises all the components necessary to successfully carry out your Pick & Place application in the shortest possible time. GRIPKIT is fully compatible with all models of Universal Robots and integrates seamlessly within the Polyscope programming environment through a user-friendly URCaps plug-in.

Choose the optimal gripper for your project

GRIPKIT is available as both a sensitive servo-electrical and powerful pneumatic variant, parallel as well as centric. The available sizes have a gripping force of 7.5 to 550 Newtons. The grippers can operate for a guaranteed 20 million cycles. You can trust the reliable and durable industrial quality of Weiss Robotics. GRIPKIT can easily handle intensive applications. They are ideally suited for producing large series and products that require precision.

Be safe

Using the standard detection and monitoring of Weiss Robotics, reliable handling becomes child’s play, even with difficult work pieces.

Batch processing made easy

Do you need several components at the same time for your project? No problem! GRIPKIT is the first solution that allows a maximum of eight grippers to be operated using a robot controller.


GripKit type

GripKip P1

GripKit P2 GripKit PZ1
Kinematics Parallel Parallel Centric

Gripping force




Workpiece weight (form fit / force fit)

15kg / 1.1 kg

22kg / 2.5 kg

25kg / 2.5kg

Full stroke


20mm 12mm




Included gripper 

RPG 75 - 012

RPG 120 - 020

ZPG 75 - 012


4 grips 4 grips 4 grips

Number of finger possibilities*

2 2 3

* Gripkit grippers are supplied without fingers.

3D printer for customized fingers

As the GRIPKIT gripper is supplied without fingers, these have to be made. And as each product is different, the fingers have to be custom-made. For this we design and use a 3D printer to test the right form for your product. If the fingers meet your wishes, we make them out of the desired material.

If you would like to find out more about the GripKit grippers, please contact us or phone 0344 - 60 66 43