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Electrical grippers - OnRobot

For our customized solutions for automation with CoBots, we often use OnRobot grippers. We supply and implement two types of On Robot grippers: the RG2 and the RG6. Olmia Robotics is dealer for these grippers in the BeNeLux.


The RG2 has the following characteristics:

  • Plug & Produce
  • No external cables
  • Adjustable gripper mounting
  • Assisted Centre of Gravity calculation
  • Lost grip detection
  • Circular compensation
  • Infinite loop on UR3
  • Customizable fingertips
  • Dual Gripper
  • Compatible with the UR3, UR5 and UR10

RG2 specifications

Payload (nominal / maximum)

2 / 4kg
Gripping force 3-40N (1N resolution)
Total stroke 110mm (1mm resolution)
Stroke Time (0-110 / 40-20) 950ms / 200ms
Repetition accuracy + 0.1 mm
Product weight (bracket) 650g (100g)
Feedback Force (3-40N) and width (0-110mm) detection



The RG6 has the following characteristics:

  • Higher payload
  • Wider stroke
  • Simple to install and program
  • Safety shields with easy mounting
  • No external cables
  • Plug & Produce

RG6 specifications

Payload (nominal / maximum)

6 / 8kg

Gripping force

25 - 120N (1N resolution)

Total stroke

160mm (1mm resolution)

Product weight 



Force (25 - 120NN) and width (0-160mm) detection


For more information about the OnRobot grippers or a quotation, please contact us or phone 0344 - 60 66 43