Feeder systems for the Cobot

The Cobot has to get the objects it grips from somewhere and that has to be a predictable place. Sometimes we have custom-made solutions for this, and sometimes we use standard solutions. Below are just some of them.

Robobooster 4000

Robobooster 4000This robust, metal drawer cabinet is eminently suitable for loading processing machines, such as CNC machines, with a robot arm. The Robobooster 4000 is made of high quality materials and can be sprayed in any color. The cobot support on the Robobooster 4000 is suitable for every collaborative and smaller industrial robot arm.


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profeeder met wisselcontainerThe robot cell that provides machine tools with sufficient stock in order to run a shift.

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Screw feeder

screw feeder The screw feeder presents every new screw in an identical position, so that the robot arm can always find it. Indispensable for the screw Cobot.

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