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Risk analysis

Risk analysis cobot cell

As an employer you are obliged to perform an RI&E. When a new machine is placed on your production floor, part of the RI&E is to perform a risk analysis of that machine. You are responsible for that yourself. But you don’t have to do it alone.

As a system integrator of cobot cells, we often conduct risk analyses. We do this together with our client. Together we prepare a document with which you can demonstrate that you care about the safety of your employees. And, not unimportantly, you meet the RI&E requirements.

Are cobots safe to work with?

You may wonder: cobots are safe to work with, so why carry out a risk analysis?

The answer is: yes, cobots in themselves are safe. But you always use a cobot in an application. That means that you mount equipment on it (for example, a gripper or a tool) and place equipment around it. That as a whole is a cobot cell and it may not be safe or collaborative.

So in order to estimate whether safety measures should be taken, we look at the entire cobot cell and score the risks. For unacceptable risks, we propose how they can be reduced to an acceptable level. These measures may be more extensive, such as placing a safety scanner, but may also be in the field of instructing personnel in wearing safety clothing.

Do you have a cobot cell on your production floor and do you want to perform a risk analysis with us? Then complete the form below and we will send you a quote.