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Robots as a Service (Raas)

Flexible productivity via operational lease

Productivity without major investments; the RaaS model makes this possible. You can compare it to leasing your fleet of company cars: the cobot set comes with a service package, a Robot Supervisor to unburden you technically and you only pay for the hours worked. Scaling up is arranged quickly.

Labour shortage

Are you experiencing labour shortages? Your production must continue. Temporary employment agencies often cannot respond to your demand for flexible work in a timely or stable manner. The RaaS formula is a good solution to these shortages and to maintain or even increase your production.

An addition to your current employees

Because collaborative robots are designed to work together safely with people, you don’t have to install fencing to shield your employees. Cobots simply work alongside your current employees. Because they do not need to be protected, it is also a compact solution. We have a number of standard cobot sets for frequently used applications that can be implemented quickly.

RaaS benefits

  • All-inclusive for a fixed amount per month
  • Plug & Produce solution, incl. maintenance and training
  • Always the latest technology
  • Budget certainty and clarity
  • Maintain liquidity and investment scope
  • Insight into production carried out