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Proof of Concept

We test your product or cobot application

Before you invest in a cobot system, you want to be sure that what you want to do with it also works. This is why we carry out a Proof of Concept (PoC) for you. This is a test which shows your desired application can not only be carried out with a cobot, but specifically with your product. The advantage of having a PoC carried out is that a part of the implementation process is already complete. This shortens the time to install the cobot set on your production floor.

How a Proof of Concept works

  1. You send us (a sample of) your product.
  2. You show us what your production environment looks like and indicate what your intention is.
  3. We select the right parts for your cobot application, assemble the set and program the cobot.
  4. We make a video of the test and share it with you.

Prizes for a Proof of Concept start at € 1750. There isn’t a fixed amount due to a potential difference in complexity, so please request a quote in advance.

A Proof of Concept is not the same as a production test. We know 2 of those: the FAT and SAT when we actually make a cobot set for your production. The final cobot set can be different than what we show in a PoC: which is just intended to demonstrate that what you want with a cobot is possible.