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Implementing a cobot

Implementing a cobot may entail more than you expect. It may take more than just buying and programming a cobot. There are a number of things that you will need to think about.

  • What about the supply of products to the cobot and their subsequent removal after processing?
  • How does the robot arm hold the product that it is handling?
  • Should a software connection be made between the cobot and a production machine?

A large number of questions may need to be answered. Together with you, we will draw up a plan. We have built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise as system integrator of cobots. There are standard solutions for some applications, but most of them are not. In this case, we can develop and test a solution for your specific production process before implementing it.

How does an automation process work?

It starts by taking stock of the situation on your work floor. We will look at:

  • The current work flow.
  • Where and how a cobot can be used to automate a process.
  • What it takes to be able to offer the robot system as a complete plug & play set.

This is all included in the free production scan.

If you want us to develop the scan into a full implementation plan, we will charge a fee for this. How much depends on the complexity of the application and whether a feasibility study or Proof of Concept (POC) must be carried out.

We then find out what components are suitable for you and put it together. This may include engineering work or custom software. We make a test set-up in our workshop in Tiel. You will be invited there for a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). If you agree, we implement the cobot set on your factory floor. This is followed by a SAT (Site Acceptance Test). If you wish, we can train your employees in the use of the cobot in our training centre.

But let’s start at the beginning: the production scan!

Implementing a cobot