About Olmia Robotics

For years Peter van Olm had been happily running his business Olmia, specialised in process engineering, when during a particular project he wanted a robot to carry out some screw driving to make the job quicker and more efficient. After delving deeper into these robots he decided to purchase one for this project. Soon afterwards, however, he discovered that what he was given was not actually complete.

The cobot was delivered, but all he got was a robot arm. That was all. He soon realised that he would have to go to another supplier to get hold of a gripper, to another for a screwing unit and to yet another for a screw feeder (where else would the cobot get its screws from?). In the end, it took a lot of research and energy to get his cobot to carry out the screw driving. He thought: “If I’m facing all this hassle, then others are too.”

In 2016, this idea formed the basis to establishing the firm Olmia Robotics. Through his engineering background and passion for robotics, Olmia Robotics is able to provide complete solutions for production and assembly businesses that want to automate.

Olmia Robotics has several employees now. We all ensure that you get the most suitable cobot and accessories you need for your application. Sometimes we put these together, and other times they are custom-made.

Why Olmia Robotics?

  • Because you want to work with people who are specialised in cobots.
  • Because you want to work with people who are as flexible as a cobot in solving your automation issues.
  • Because you want to work with people who practice what they preach.

We provide you with: